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Calendar printing Johannesburg is one of the most reliable calendar printing companies in South Africa. They specialize in wall calendars printing, we do have different wall calendars Single pages that are known as jumbo calendars or poster calendars. And multipage wall calendars that can be in A3 calendar printing and mainly A2 calendar printing size. Hence the reason we remain the best wall calendar printing in Johannesburg triangle calendars and any customized calendars. For your 2020 calendar printing order with them for peace of mind knowing that you will get a cheap price and good printing quality.

Quality is our marketing strategy. Same day printing and delivery is what we do. Affordable calendar pricing is not what you ask for. Get your 2020 calendars printed now.

Why use us as your Calendar Printers?

Our years of experience, knowledge and passion for calendar printing all mean that you can be assured that you will get not only the best service and product, but as calendar printers we can also offer great prices. We understand that time is precious, and so won’t waste yours. We will ensure you get exactly what you want on time, in budget and the best quality.

Desk pad calendar printing

There are many calendar printing companies in South Africa. But Calendar printing super sides all. Calendar printing was established in 1990. So that means Calendar printing has 29 years’ experience as a calendar printing company in South Africa. We print calendars for Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland. With Calendar printing you will never go wrong. We print desk planners known as desk pads calendars. Desk pads calendars normally comes with 12 pages also known as leaves. Desk pads calendars are printed on bond paper with a backing board. They all come padded at the top with plastic corners. Calendar printing is the place to be for all your 2020 desk calendar printing.

Desk Tent Calendars

Just because a desktop tent calendar is a simple piece of stationary to manufacture and distribute, doesn’t mean it has to be boring – not by a long shot. Our team of talented graphic designers are on hand to provide you with expert insight into the most current designs. While remaining within the predetermined scope of your established corporate identity guidelines, we will strive to create a truly memorable piece of leave-behind collateral that will keep your business top of mind with each recipient for an entire year.

Wall Calendar Printing

Trust us with your 2020 wall calendars, 2020 tent calendar printing, 2020 triangle calendars, 2020 desk pads planners and all other printing services. Whether it’s to keep track of the family’s extra mural activities or corporate gifting, we specialize in wall calendar printing. We can produce wall calendars that not only look great, but are functional too. We all need as much help as we can when it comes to efficiency and organization, and what better way to achieve this than with our wall calendar printing solutions. Our expertly trained staff are ALWAYS on hand to assist and share their knowledge gained through extensive experience in the industry

 Tent Calendar Printing

Tent calendars are a wonderful marketing solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you have been wondering how to build out your company’s repertoire of leave-behind collateral in the year to come, this may very well be the solution you have been looking for. Here are a few

The top benefits of tent calendars include:

  • Affordability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ease of distribution
  • Simple, highly adaptable design

 Tent calendars mainly comes with 12 pages and cover. The cover can stand on its own to support extra pages. And also comes with wiro binding on top. We are here to help you with your 2020 tent calendar printing. Have you been wondering what your company’s 2020 tent desk calendar should look like? Here are a few recent stationery trends to bear in mind when you make your design decisions:

Sustainability is a very important trend at the moment – choose recycled paper or eco-conscious alternatives if you can.

There is lots of room to play with texture and color, so don’t be afraid to go colorful!

Celebrating cultural diversity and placing ethics at the center of decision making is an important business trend at the moment, so be sure to include all the relevant holidays and information that concerns your target demographic.

Find Out More about Our Calendar Tent Offering

If you would like to learn more about our rates and procedures, simply input your details on the handy quote request form on this page. As soon as we receive your particulars, one of our printing experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements. This will allow us to tailor a quote based on your budget and timeline. We look forward to discussing your tent calendar needs and providing you with a custom-made solution.

Reduce your calendar printing cost

Print large quantities. Large quantities results in cheap calendar printing. Printing on an A1 size is cheaper than printing on A2 size – A3 wall calendar printed on A1 is cheaper than an A3 printed on A2. Print 4 designs of the same quantity at once and cut after printing. That automatically reduces your printing cost.

How to Choose Calendar Printers?

It’s that time of the year again for calendar printing. To be honest personalized calendars are the only advertising materials that last for the whole year. Calendar printing benefits are unmeasurable only if you choose the right calendar printers.

Benefits of custom calendar printing

• Custom calendar printing is the most useful promotional method that your customers and clients will appreciate and relate to.

• Custom calendar printing let your customers know about your products and services.

• Custom calendar printing accommodates Images, advertising messages, products and services of your company.

• Custom calendar printing is easy to distribute and are a great tool to increase brand awareness.

• Custom calendars last longer than other marketing materials.

• People fashion their lives around a calendar, both at work and home so custom calendars are a great gift to them.

• Every person consults a calendar at least once a day, every day so with custom calendar printing your advert is seen every day, all year round.

• With Custom calendar printing you can be sure that these will be used by almost all the recipients than any other calendars and advertising materials.

• People use calendars to mark important dates and events. Make sure that your calendars are of high quality.

1 person receives an average of 3 calendars per year. So, why must people display yours instead of other companies’ calendar? Your design quality, paper quality and printing quality is the only way to have your calendars displayed.

Compromise on quality and your calendars will end up in the dustbin.

Make sure your calendars are fun and relevant                                                                                             

Your calendar images are the most important factor in customers’ decisions to display your calendars. Use photos that are relevant to both your business and your customers. For your calendars to be displayed the photos must be fun. Customers will be proud to hang on your calendars if you do so.

Distribute your calendars first.

Timing is everything when it comes to calendar distribution. You must give calendars out first to get your personalized calendars hanged. Some printing companies deliver mid January resulting in your calendars being thrown away. Print your calendars as soon as possible, store them and distribute them close to the New Year when people are ready to hang them. Your timing determines the success of your marketing success. Better be too early than too late.

Use high-quality photos

Use high quality and high resolution photos. Low quality affects your brand while high quality photos boost your brand image. Shutter stock is a great source. The quality of photos can boost or break the success of your promotional tool.

Use high quality paper

Use high quality paper to get more out of your calendars. No matter how good your design and printing quality can be, low quality paper destroys all your hard work. Your prospects and customers will perceive your service as low quality. It’s not fair but people judge a book by its cover. In marketing they found a name for that behavior – they call it physical evidence.

Use the best calendar design.

Just like paper and photo quality so is your design. The best calendar design boosts your brand. Your calendar design is what people use to decide whether to hang your calendar or not. Bad calendar design guarantees that people perceive you as an amateur. Can I repeat myself? Amateur.

Use a simple design and creative photos

A simple design and creative photos results in the best calendar which everyone wants to hang. Your calendar must be simple and professional. Creative photos inspire people and increase the value of your calendars to your prospects and clients. Make sure your pictures are attractive to give them maximum effect.

Include your company logo, contacts and more info

Last but not least do not forget to include your logo and contact information on your calendar. If you want people to visit your website make sure your website address and your logo stands out. If you want people to call you make your phone number is big and stands out.

Yesterday I wanted to call my office and I didn’t have the number. Guess who helped me, my son who can’t even write her name, she knew the number by head. You must be the first company people think of when they want to buy services which you offer. They must know your phone numbers more than they know themselves. As for the advertising message less is more.

Why You Must Order Calendars?

Calendar printing is the only advertising method that allows your company branding or products to be

Marketed every day of the year

Every person consults a calendar at least once a day, every day so with custom calendar printing your advert is seen every day, all year round.

Personalized calendars reminds your customers of your products and services

Calendars printing is the only non-pushy way of promoting your business

Personalized calendar printing build permanent relationship with your customers and prospects

Calendar printing exposes your brand to your customers or prospects and their visitors

Calendars are the most effective form of brand communication

Calendar printing enables your company information to be visible to multiple people and their visitors

Calendars can be used to raise funds for charity organizations while at the same time advertising the

Calendar printing exposes your company 24/7 to your clients /prospects and their visitors

Calendar printing ensures that your company advert is there before the eyes of your customers for the

Whole year.

Poster Printing

Looking for poster printing at affordable prices that won’t leave you compromised where service and quality are concerned? We are a digital poster printing company that offers you low-cost, full-color and large format posters at reasonable prices and excellent turnaround times. You can be rest assured of high-quality products.

Digital Poster Printing

Whether you are a small business looking for a lower print run of a few hundred posters or a large commercial company requiring bigger quantities, our digital printing technology offers you cost-effective, high-quality printing solutions at every turn. An added advantage of using digital printing is that you can vary the information in one print run without incurring extra costs. For example, on a run of 200 posters advertising an event on two different dates at different venues, you can print 100 with one date/venue and 100 with the next.

Poster sizes & Prices

We offer posters in all the standard sizes. This includes all the large posters and smaller sizes on the following spectrum:

     POSTER SIZE                                DIMENSIONS
        A0 poster                   841 x 1189 mm
        A1 poster                     594 x 841 mm
        A2 poster                    420 x 594 mm
        A3 poster                    297 x 420 mm

Please note that the poster printing price will be determined according to a number of variables, e.g. whether you choose HD poster printing or require personalized poster printing to suit a particular need. Custom posters are easy to create, whether you choose A0 poster printing, A1 poster printing, A2 poster printing, or A3 poster printing – simply get in touch, and a member of our expert team will be in touch to discuss poster price and provide an obligation-free quote.

What can I use a poster for?

Posters can be functional, creative or both:

  • Use a business poster to promote your business
  • Print vintage posters to decorate your office
  • Choose concert posters or band posters to promote performances
  • Create festival posters (also called gig posters, rock posters, or a music festival poster) for special gigs
  • Tailor advertising posters to spread the word about your brand
  • Have campaign posters printed for a political drive
  • Print black and white posters or a photo poster for home décor
  • Create sports posters to gather a crowd for a match
  • Dance poster, jazz posters – the options are endless!

We have years of experience and can chat to you about your specific needs. Our commercial poster printing services are designed to meet the specific needs of your business – large or small. Buy and get your free Quote.

Book Printing

In South Africa book printing has proven itself to be an effective way to market and advertise a business. This is thanks to the fact that they provide a cost effective way to deliver eye-catching, useful, targeted information about your company or product directly to your target market. They also offer your business the chance to brand itself in a professional manner that is both memorable and exceptionally tasteful.

Your 1 Stop Book Printing Service

No more phoning around for printing quotes, book binding information or print delivery options, as we at Branding Signage we do it all. Our book printing service offers:

  • Printing options in portrait, landscape, square and custom sizes
  • Standard book binding methods including stapled and saddle stitch options are available
  • Numerous cover and inside paper options
  • Exceptionally fast printing turnaround
  • Cost effective marketing and advertising printed book services
  • Printed book delivery to anywhere in South Africa

Custom Book Printing

When it comes to custom book printing in South Africa there is nowhere that is more cost effective than Branding Signage No matter if you need 25 books or 25,000, we can offer you almost anything you can think of. In fact, if you can dream of it then there is a good chance that we can print and bind it for you. Contact one of our experienced custom book printing experts at our store. Not 100% sure about your custom book printing design? Then chat to one of our creative designers and for an additional small charge we can design the layout of your book for you. Alternatively you can provide your own artwork in vector format or in a high resolution raster format.

Cost Effective Booklets

We have set ourselves apart from other South African printers when it comes to cost effective printing, but this is not at the expense of quality! We only use the best printing and binding processes to ensure that you get cost effective books that are great for broadcasting company and product information in the following book formats:

  • Long form brochures
  • Glossy mini magazines
  • Information catalogues
  • Personalized notepads
  • Training Manuals

To date we have printed a number of books for a range of high profile customers, including:

  • Provincial and local sports teams
  • Multinational corporations
  • Local schools and institutes of higher education

No matter where in Johannesburg, Cape Town, the Western Cape Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya and Zimbabwe or even South Africa you find yourself, we can satisfy all of your book printing needs. If you would like to discuss the options available to you then please do not hesitate to contact us.